Dr. Ravi Manumachu

Research Fellow

Ravi Reddy Manumachu is currently working as a research fellow in the School of Computer Science, UCD, Dublin. He got his B.Tech from I.I.T, Madras and PhD in high performance heterogeneous computing from the School of Computer Science, UCD. He is the author of functional performance and energy models of computation, Heterogeneous MPI, an extension of Message-Passing Interface (MPI) for heterogeneous clusters, Heterogeneous ScaLAPACK, a linear algebra package for heterogeneous clusters, and energy-efficient computing framework, MPEC. His other contributions include data partitioning algorithms using realistic computation and communication models of heterogeneous platforms, and design, implementation, and performance analysis of heterogeneous parallel algorithms.

He has over 10 years of experience working in IT industry in companies such as IONA Technologies, ANSYS, and Siemens Research in areas such as energy-aware computing, parallel CFD simulation, CORBA, XML, and Messaging. His research interests include high performance heterogeneous computing, distributed computing, energy-efficient computing, and complexity theory.