Dr. Johnny Walker

CEO and Founder

Dr. Johnny Walker is the CEO and Founder of Health Founders and Jinga Life.

Dr. Johnny Walker is a clinically active Interventional Radiologist & Nuclear Physician, International Medical Entrepreneur & Mentor focused on disrupting healthcare for the better.
Johnny was the founder and driver of Global Diagnostics, an international teleradiology enterprise which successfully disrupted medical diagnostics around the clock, around the world.
Johnny is the CEO and main vision for Jinga Life, a new company focused on shifting healthcare from the hospital to the home using a platform that is centred around the true curator of care in a family, the Jinga! Jinga Life provides the resources, knowledge and connectivity needed for the Jinga to care for her family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Future of HealthCare….A Digital rEvolution!
11th April 2017
Mahony Hall, The Helix
16:00  -  16:30