Session 1 | High Performance Infrastructures for Public Sector Research

11th April 2017

09:30  -  10:00

HEAnet is Ireland’s National Education and Research Network (NREN), providing innovative services to institutions involved in education in Ireland. Advancements in network infrastructure in recent years have allowed NRENs like HEAnet to provide services over wide area networks which were previously only practical through direct local networks. As we all come to rely on networked (or cloud) based resources for day to day activities, this education network infrastructure has become vital for many aspects of campus life, with HEAnet’s services meshed very closely with campus services. This presentation seeks to explore the long term significance of this collective move towards a cloud based e-Infrastructural future.

10:00  -  10:30

The Hartree Centre is a supercomputing centre, focused on bringing the benefits of high performance computing, high performance data analytics and cognitive computing to industry, to deliver “innovation at scale” and competitive advantage through digital transformation. We have recently purchased one of the largest supercomputers in the world on which to undertake our work and offer services. As an industrially-focused supercomputing centre, how do we see ourselves working with cloud providers and cloud-based solutions, to support UK industry?

10:30  -  11:00

The potential of existing programming models to effectively utilise future Exascale systems,
while addressing the challenges of energy-efficiency, diminishing resilience and hardware diversity, is severely limited.
As a matter of fact, the lack of appropriate, high-productivity and portable programming models for Exascale computing is a fundamental barrier for the future of science and engineering. This presentation will feature the AllScale project that envisions the effective development of highly scalable, resilient and performance-portable parallel applications for Exascale systems and provide insights into the design principles of the AllScale and how it can make HPC more consumable.