Towards Consumable Exascale Computing – The AllScale Approach

11th April 2017


Dr. Khalid Hasanov

Research Staff Member

10:30  -  11:00
Q303, DCU Business School

The potential of existing programming models to effectively utilise future Exascale systems,
while addressing the challenges of energy-efficiency, diminishing resilience and hardware diversity, is severely limited.
As a matter of fact, the lack of appropriate, high-productivity and portable programming models for Exascale computing is a fundamental barrier for the future of science and engineering. This presentation will feature the AllScale project that envisions the effective development of highly scalable, resilient and performance-portable parallel applications for Exascale systems and provide insights into the design principles of the AllScale and how it can make HPC more consumable.

Session Category :  Session 1 | High Performance Infrastructures for Public Sector Research